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Science Center at Aspen Ranch, Sundre, Ab.
(Environmental / Wetland Studies)

Program Essence
Youth will advance their knowledge and appreciation of Science with fun “hands-on” experiences through direct interaction with natural areas in a wonderful outdoor environment.

These unique outdoor education camping programs, which are offered at Aspen Ranch, are all curriculum based and reflect objectives defined in the Alberta Education Program of Studies.

The “Nature” of Science
During this field study program, students visit three ecosystems and complete activities that compare the biological diversity between them. Students also explore biological diversity within and between species and investigate the impact recreational activities have on sustaining biodiversity in protected areas.

Fresh Water Systems
During this field study program, students will explore water systems and watersheds and will look at current environmental issues; including erosion, water contamination, sedimentation, aquifers and water monitoring.

Environmental Chemistry
Students will visit three ecosystems and complete activities that monitor quantity of chemicals in the environment. Water, air, and soil samples will be taken for analysis. Pollution and concentration of harmful chemicals in the environment will also be investigated.


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